The author

Gabrielle Songe, a writer and photographer, studied fine art—focusing on figure drawing for a year at the University of Washington. Taking a break from her studies she returned in the mid-1970s earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in English with a poetry concentration and in political science. For nearly a decade she was a print and photo journalist working for small presses. Eventually she became a feature editor writing a weekly column and maintaining a personal website called Life on the farm. Currently retired, Ms. Songe divides her time between creating art and providing a home for her domestic pets and livestock pals.

In 2014 Ms. Songe published Whippoorwill Calls, a thin read featuring 22 line drawings and figure studies highlighted with seven poems. Two years later she replaced this initial offering splitting out the artwork from a prose and poetry creating a two volume set. Her books are available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback. The book titles are: Whippoorwill Calls, Art Only Edition and Whippoorwill Calls, Prose & Poetry Edition. Prints of the drawings are also available in three sizes: 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14. For information about how to purchase prints, contact the author-artist by email:


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