The author

Gabrielle Songe, a writer and photographer, studied fine art—focusing on figure drawing for a year at the University of Washington. Taking a break from her studies she returned in the mid-1970s earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a poetry concentration and in political science. For nearly a decade she was a print and photo journalist working for small presses. Eventually she became a feature editor writing a weekly column and maintaining a personal website called Life on the farm. Currently retired, Ms. Songe divides her time between creating art and providing a home for her domestic pets and livestock pals.

Recently, Ms. Songe published Whippoorwill Calls, a thin read featuring 22 line drawings and figure studies highlighted with seven poems. The book is available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback and hardcover. Prints of the drawings are also available in three sizes: 5×7, 8×10 and 11×14. For information about how to purchase prints, contact the author-artist by email:



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