Journalism will endure

 not as currently practiced but transformed  

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With all due respect to Apple CEO Steve Jobs for what he has done for Internet connectivity with innovative products, I must disagree with his sentiments on blogging.

As reported by Sharon Waxman in The Wrap News on June 2, Jobs told those gathered at the annual AllThingsD conference that he did not want to see us “descend into a nation of bloggers”.

I would turn Jobs’ statement on its head and extend it: I look forward to seeing us ascend into a nation of bloggers and beyond to include the global community.

Envision, for a moment, a world of people communicating through the likes of twitter and the blogosphere in cooperating to deliver resources during natural disasters, famine and even threats we have yet to encounter—getting word to one another instantly, in real time! This has already occurred and will continue with ever increasing frequency.

In viewing what others have to say on the Internet, I am continually surprised by the intelligent and insightful discussions, the humanity and compassion, as well as the wealth of talent in the arts and sciences.

That is what is so exciting about social media. It has opened the lines of communication much like the invention of the printing press.

On one thing Jobs and I agree: “Democracy depends on a free, healthy press.” Journalism will inevitably change with the increasing presence of social media giving voice to more individuals. Rather than being the voice of a few, it will be the voice of many, many of them bloggers.

With the venue comes democracy—not a representative democracy but a true democracy. There will always be a place for investigative reporting, and it will exist alongside news brought to the world instantaneously.

And this Internet Revolution will far surpass the Industrial Revolution in influence and transformation, like the moth into the butterfly. Indeed, it could be argued that it already has.


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