Be still before the Lord

and wait for him.  Ps. 37:7 CEB





Patience has never been easy for me. At times I have infinite patience; and other times not so. Yesterday, Will took pictures of me for my book cover. The work progresses slowly as I continue photographing renderings and re-paint old drawings with new tools. For a break, I post. Then I am still before the Lord, hushing mind chatter, listening, breathing.







6 thoughts on “Be still before the Lord

  1. Hi Gabrielle. This is Paul from the CCW writers guild. I liked these pictures, so I thought I’d tell you. I read all your posts, though I usually read them in my email, so you have no way of knowing I read them.

    Every week now I take hwy 193 through Fayette County on my way to Selmer in McNairy County. I work there for two days, then come back home. Hwy 193 from Cordova to Somerville is such a beautiful drive that I choose it over Hwy 64 even though it costs me 5-10 minutes every time I drive it.

    I know you said you’re in that area somewhere. These pictures capture the beaty of that area. Lots of trees, the sun shining through the trees; I love it.


    • Paul, When I worked downtown in the medical center most often my preferred route was hwy 193 from Germantown Rd. and home. It was my way of letting go of all the hustle and bustle. Quite peaceful. For a while after posting I sat on the steps into the cabin and soaked in the sun and listened.


  2. Nice picture Gabrielle. We share the same hairdo. You can always try to seize control of your life. But then God always teaches you why that is not a good idea. Better to be still and listen.

    Be extra kind. Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. XO Lynne



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