The artist builds

a construct for life  

Missouri River view at sunrise (Photo by Marya Liberman)

On my last visit to Missouri I met a man, the significant other of a new friend.

For the last 10 years he has been building a three-tiered structure.

This abode, that they share with views of pastured hills and the Missouri River, is art sculpted with wood, remnants of carpet and porcelain. There are dashes of color and nooks and crannies galore.  

One wall with sheet rock on the main floor awaits a full size map of the globe.  A lumberjack by trade who studied philosophy at San Francisco State, he lives in the midst of his ever evolving art.  

So enthralled with being in this space, getting my camera slipped by me.  It was as if I could glimpse the artist’s delight and whimsy in creating this structure.